Odor Control

Odor Control in South Florida

Odor removal is a necessary step following a fire in your home or business; or even from a blaze in a nearby structure. It can be as simple as a small shed fire that got out of hand, spreading a smoky smell. We use the most advanced technologies to attack odors at the molecular level. The smoky aftermath of fire does not stand a chance against our equipment and expertise.

Odor removal or odor control is one of the most difficult projects in the restoration services. Unlike visual damages such as mold, fire or water damage, odor molecules are in the air and thus more difficult to target. There are many different kinds of odor damages, from smoke, soot, fire and nicotine odor to marijuana and pet odor; all of these require different methods of cleaning in order to remove and control the odor permanently.

Let our certified and experienced technicians at ENVIROER help you with odor control the right way, following specific protocols and guidelines established by the IICRC, and permanently remove any kind of odor or bad smell.

Our procedure in most odor control/ removal will include:
  • Assessment of the affected areas
  • Planning a course of action with the property owner/manager
  • Identifying and removal of the source (if visual and possible to remove)
  • Set up of negative air machines/ air scrubbers in order to control and capture the contaminated air and produces clean and non-contaminated air
  • Detailed HEPA vacuuming of the entire affected areas
  • Deodorizing the entire affected areas
  • Set up of odor control equipment
  • Detailed report and certificate of the odor control/ removal service

*In some cases carpet cleaning, painting and encapsulating of walls and structural components will be recommended as well

Odor Control