Mold Removal

Mold follows dampness and dark

We have all seen the mold creeping along the grout line in the tub, especially in the corners where the light doesn’t shine and it stays wet longer. It grows in other places not so visible to us, too.

Health is one of the biggest concerns these days, and rightly so. The health of you and those around you should always be a big deal and if there is any water damage around you, you can have more than just that problem that can greatly hurt your house or office, mold and/or mildew.

Mold digests organic materials inside and outside our homes. Mold eating away at damp wood outside isn’t an issue, but if the damp wood is part of the structure of your home or any building you own, the structural integrity is endangered. When you think of all the parts of our homes that are made of organic material – the floors, and sub floors, the baseboards, the cabinets, the walls and studs in the walls, the window and door casings and so much more; it really makes you think about all the times they get wet.

Our Effective Mold Removal Approach

Mold only actually forms when moisture is present. The first thing we do is determine where any source of moisture is coming from. Perhaps it’s a result of a flood, a pipe leak, water or sewage line breaks. It could even be caused by a roof leak, faulty construction or landscaping.

Whatever the cause, complete mold removal is the only way to get rid of mold effectively and its unhealthy my cotoxins (which can cause respiratory illnesses, lung disease and skin rashes). We remove hazardous mold spores and stop them from returning by using proven mold removal procedures and the highest standard of equipment.

ENVIROE offers many services for water damage restoration and we can also see if you’re in danger of having mold, or if any mold is starting to grow in your house or workplace. We’ll take care of any water damage and mold problems before they grow into larger problems. Contact ENVIROE straight away to take care of your water damage or mold issue right now.